Hummingbird Finance V2 Migration.

DATE: 6th November, 2023 1030 UTC

The above date was the V1 to V2 cut-off. Any V1 purchases made after this date do not qualify for a V2 token airdrop.

Old contract


New contract:

How to get your tokens?

If you bought HMNG V1 before 6th November you qualify to receive HMNG V2 at an exchange rate of 1000:1
Old contract was 100,000T tokens
New contract is 100T tokens

  1. Add the new contract to your wallet, to check if it has already been delivered!
  2. IF YOU OWN MORE THAN 1 Trillion HMNG V1.
    You need to send HMNG V1 first to 0x57FaA70c773005984069D4229b1AE63D9a7cB512.
    We will then send V2. Fill out the claim form to Google docs form:
    Then no need to fill out the form, you can keep your old tokens. DM your wallet address to Gideon with a short message that your own less than 1T, he will send the new tokens within 24 hours. Remember to add the new contract to your wallet to view. DM
  3. Join our Telegram group for further updates or to check the transfer:

HMNG V1 and V2 terms and conditions:

  1. A wallet snapshot of all wallets was taken on 6th November 1030 UTC
  2. These wallets will be airdropped the new token after completing the steps above.
  3. Anyone buying of HMNG V1 after the above date will NOT qualify for HMNG V2

Telegram group

HUMMINGBIRD FINANCE trusted static reward token that benefits investors who hold.