How to buy
Hummingbird Finance
Token $HMNG

Trade HMNG

Hummingbird Finance ♥️ ($HMNG) is a low-tax reward token on BSC chain. With HMNG, you don’t need to stake or add liquidity to the pool for reward tokens. Just hold and earn free USDT from every transaction 💰.

The Hummingbird Finance contract is designed to apply a 3% tax to every transaction.

📊 Tokenomics

✅Max Supply
100,000,000,000,000 – One Hundred Trillion

✅Circulating Supply

70,000,000,000,000 – Seventy Trillion

🔶Transaction Fee 3%

🪙1% USDT Rewards
📈1% Marketing Fees
✅1% Goes To LP


When you buy and hold HMNG you receive rewards in USDT. Remember to add the USDT contract to view rewards.

HMNG Contract: 0x851944049DFdd189725b136c5AE3fb83cC62b28D

Buy HMNG with BNB or Fiat

EMBR OnRamp Safe and secure


Buy HMNG on Pancakeswap:
Slippage setting 3 to 4%


Trade HMNG on Centralised Exchanges


How To Acquire
Hummingbird Finance

  • Download Trustwallet.
  • Buy BNB from the exchange you like.
  • Transfer it to Trustwallet BNB address.
  • Swap or exchange your BNB to Binance Smart Chain.
  • Go to Dapps/browser on Trustwallet.
  • Find Pancakeswap here.
  • Switch Pancakeswap to V2.
  • Select currency and paste $HMNG Smart Contract Address. (Can find on the website).
  • Swap your Binance Smart Chain to $HMNG. (Set Slippage tolerance to 4% or higher).
  • Keep HODL till you become Millionaire.

Tutorial Video for buying HMNG (with out Dapp)

How to buy HMNG with nUSDT in HOTBIT